Why Belonging Matters to Customers and Employees 

The Accenture Better to Belong research quantifies the impact leaders can make when they leave their people Net Better Off (NBO). Leaders can boost NBO scores by 3.2x when they get the traditional moments that matter right. However, creating an inclusive environment where every person feels like they belong every day can unlock up to 5x more human potential. Key Takeaways: Why is creating a culture of belonging important?; What are the 10 levers that leaders can pull to create an inclusive workplace?; What do customers expect from companies they shop with?

Speaker: Tchicaya Ellis Robertson

Senior Principal - Thought Leadership, Accenture

Tchicaya Ellis Robertson, Ph.D. is a Senior Principal, Thought Leadership, on the Talent & Organization Research team. She leads Talent & Skilling and Equality Research for Accenture. Tchicaya enjoys using data and analytics to tell compelling stories. She brings 25 years of experience uncovering what people (workers and customers) need and how organizations accommodate those needs to solve business problems. Dr. Robertson earned her doctorate in Applied-Experimental Psychology where she studied applied research methods with a focus on measurement, evaluation, and psychometrics with a specialization in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Speaker: Reggie Romain

Talent Research Specialist, Accenture

Reggie is a Talent Researcher at Accenture where he focuses on topics related to people experience, diversity, equity, & inclusion, the future of work, and workplace culture. In 2021 he was named on Diversity MBA's list of Top 100 Under 50 Emerging Leaders list for his work in diversity and inclusion. He holds a Masters' in Industrial-Organizational Psychology with a focus on Organizational Behavior. Reggie also does research in the area of group processes, group dynamics, and teams.