Paving the Way to Customer-Centric Innovation

When asked in 2015 to help change a traditional and B2B focused company to be more customer centric Judith had her work cut out for her. 

In a literally ancient B2B heavy industry as cement, aggregates and ready-mix concrete, CX was for many a fuzzy conceptIt was clear, however, to Heidelberg Cement that the construction industry and its customers were starting to change, and that they had to change along to avoid falling into a commodity trap. However, changing a highly complex business that is 150 years old and has decentralized management structures and fragmented architecture doesn’t happen overnight.

How then, did Heidelberg Cement accomplish their multi-CX award winning transformation that spans over 40 markets and boasts 2500+ completed CX initiatives? In this session Judith will share with you her experiences and learnings from their journey so far to become a customer centric innovative company.

Speaker: Judith van Herwaarden

Global Principal - Customer Experience, HeidelbergCement AG

As global CX lead for HeidelbergCement Group Judith has designed, developed, and delivered an award-winning CX program to 40 markets of the business in the last five years. In her role, she has taken a tactical process and transformed it into a strategic CX program that delivers business results through a customer-centric culture and strategy.