Panel Discussion:

A lot of the standard metrics have been muddied by the pandemic (e.g. NPS, CSAT etc.) and many customer facing companies have instead had to pivot away from the standard core metrics and focus more on theme driven insights to help improve the business while establishing new or adjusting old KPIs. This panel addresses the big question: Where do we go from here?

Panelist: Stephen Grygar

Sr. Director of Strategy, Analytics, and Customer Experience

Stephen Grygar is a customer-obsessed leader who focuses on driving insights to action and profit. Stephen joined Greyhound as the Sr. Director of Strategy, Analytics, and Customer Experience after a career in strategy and analytics in both industry and consulting. He has 15 years of experience across travel and retail companies where he has focused on leveraging data and insights to drive transformational change across departments including Sales, Operations, Merchandising, Finance, and CRM/Loyalty. Most notably while at American Airlines, Stephen assisted with the implementation of the joint venture with British Airways and Iberia Airlines and at 7-Eleven led a strategic transformation project focused on product localization and profit optimization at scale. Stephen is known for getting to the root of the customer perspective, identifying new data to drive internal improvement, and leading cross-functional change.

Panelist: Jeff Schwendinger

Chief Operating Officer, Experience Engineering

Jeff is the COO of Experience Engineering, a company dedicated to assisting clients to develop a distinct experiential value for their customers, employees, and stakeholders. Before joining in 2020, he spent 25 years leading the operations and product development at a dedicated worldwide CX/VOC insights provider specializing in B2B relationships. During that time, he designed an online reporting application utilized by 1,000's of individual client end-users (that included employees of IBM, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, GE, and others), led annual client workshops, as well as developed specialty research programs highlighting employee experience and social media insights.

Panelist: Jean-Franc0is Damais

Global Chief Research Officer - Customer Experience, Ipsos

Jean-Francois has 15+ years of experience in helping brands measure and manage customer relationships across a wide range of sectors and geographies. He has led the development and global roll-out of several innovative solutions in the CX area, authored many papers, and regularly speaks at conferences. Jean-Francois heads up an international team specialized in the modeling of both structured and unstructured data.