Member Journey Maps: Driving Stakeholder Action Using Financial Impact Analysis

Hagerty, a global automotive enthusiast brand and the world’s largest membership organization for car lovers, recently completed journey maps highlighting gaps and opportunities in maximizing membership. The maps included key data points that were leveraged to create a comprehensive understanding of the highest and lowest valued opportunities, resulting in immediate change.

Speaker: Traci Konzer

Director of Insights & Research, Hagerty

As the Director of Insights at Hagerty, Traci is responsible for all voice of the customer and partner programs. She is a passionate CX leader committed to delivering actionable insights that drive growth and change. She’s experienced in various CX techniques including qualitative and quantitative research, journey mapping, and service blue printing. Most recently she successfully led the business through rigorous journey mapping to identify high level requirements for a new strategic partnership. Prior to Hagerty, Traci worked in the hospitality industry where she learned great service and memorable experiences are keys to success.

Speaker: Taylor Malcolm

Senior Member Experience Specialist, Hagerty

Being part of a member-centric organization, Taylor is responsible for keeping a pulse on feedback and experiences to drive actionable change. She has a knack for identifying trends and gaps within processes and a passion for creating a flawless CX. Working with diverse business units, Taylor has established skillsets in journey mapping, project management, and driving loyalty through moments that matter. Most recently, she has developed enthusiasts’ personas to aid in customer journeys and onboarding new employees. Taylor is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.