Mastering the Linkage Between EX and CX to Increase Business Results

The connection between employee experience and customer experience is thought to be obvious, but many companies have not invested time and resources into measuring and making this connection. The most successful companies put people first, and this includes both employees and customers. A dual focus on customer and employee experience and engagement creates a differentiation for organizations related to their brand, their revenue and their growth. Join Mary Poppen, President of HRIZONS EX and Professor of Practice at MSU, CXM Master's Program, as she discusses the impact of engaged employees on customer satisfaction and success, and the impact on business results. Attendees will learn a framework to assess the linkage at their own organization and gain practical advice and ideas for improving EX and CX through engaging discussions and case studies.

By the end of the session, the audience will understand:

  • The importance of the linkage between EX and CX

  • How to assess where their organization needs to take action and what action to take

  • Gain practical guidance from colleagues based on their experience and ideas

Speaker: Mary Poppen


Mary Poppen is President of HRIZONS EX, Employee Experience Division of HRIZONS, and Professor of Practice at Michigan State University teaching in the CXM Master’s Degree program.

Prior to her current focus, she was a Chief Customer Officer at SAP and LinkedIn. Mary holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and has over 20 years of customer success, business consulting and executive leadership experience. She is a well-recognized customer and employee experience thought leader, speaking at global events and authoring several publications in this space. She recently published a book entitled “Goodbye, Churn. Hello, Growth!”. In addition to her current roles, Mary enjoys serving as a Board Advisor and executive coach, and has a passion for giving back through female mentorship programs.