Making a CX Function Work

Making a CX function work in practice is no small matter. The mechanics alone of how best to listen to customers, what a measurement systems should look like, how to approach analytics to prioritize actions, building out a governance system, or collaboration model with the right incentives that drive the right actions - these are complicated. And there is no single playbook that will work across all organizations. In this session, Joshua will talk about what makes up a solid foundation of a CX program and what some of the common pitfalls organizations go through in their CX journeys.

Speaker: Joshua Rossman

Vice President - Customer Experience Strategy, Oracle

Joshua is a senior executive with over 20 years of experience in customer loyalty, analytics, and insights with large, Fortune 500 companies, early to mid-stage start-ups, and PE-owned companies in turn-around situations. He has built and/or owned the CX function for eBay, McAfee, and his current employer, Oracle, and has also advised notable firms such as Uber, Adobe, Intuit, F5 Networks, Udemy, StockX, Cummins, eON, Bose, Avis Budget, MGM and many other private firms on CX strategy issues.