How to Ignite a Love For Your Brand In Your Employees

Many leaders say that their brand is amazing but their people just don't "get" the brand and they don't "live" the brand. Poor customer experience is just a symptom. This presentation will explore the recipe for igniting a love for a brand in the hearts of it's employees!

Speaker: Chantel Botha

Chief Execuitive Officer, BrandLove Customer Experience

Innovation Magician and Brand Warrior, Chantel leads BrandLove into battle against life without meaning or significance. Delivering passion and driving purpose are her “Why” and she specializes in designing value and connection into every experience, whether it is a customer, employee, corporation or individual. With a hat full of magic, and a diverse background in business economics, computer sciences, customer experience design, coaching, public speaking, e-commerce, and strategy she combines her varied interests to deliver revolutionary originality and EQ to brands and businesses. With a passion for people, she also spearheads a number of social projects, including a robotics youth programme called Kind Bright Minds. She is also an ambassador for fun and is certified as a Virtual Facilitator, Customer Experience Professional, Laughter Yoga and Lego Serious Play facilitator.