Finding Customer Revenue in your Company's Couch Cushions

Avoid a $50 Million career mistake...Find revenue in your company’s couch cushions

Heading into a downturn…or a recession 😲 …it's nice finding revenue already easily available?
... What if you were talking about business growth instead of cuts?…

👉How a Total VOC approach finds revenue growth opportunities
👉What you can achieve when you STOP Survey & Score
👉Use VOC to Create Great Experiences for Every Customer, 👉Every Time
👉Inspire your Employees and build a culture that retains and attracts talent
👉How other companies achieved business growth with real-world stories
👉A framework where can you find your company's "couch cushion" revenue

Speaker: Rick Denton

Managing Principal - EX4CX - Execution for Customer Experience

Rick believes the best meals are served outside and require a passport.
Helping companies create tangible business value (read...$$$) from their Voice of the Customer programs through a Total VOC approach centers Rick’s mission. A sought-after keynote speaker and CX leader, Rick transforms CX and VOC programs from Survey & Score to Listen and Act. After a successful corporate career, Rick launched EX4CX - Execution for Customer Experience to bring CX victories to a wide client base.
Rick combines these loves by hosting the CX Passport podcast, a weekly talk with guests about customer experience and travel.