Experience is the New Product - Designing Disruption

We’ve all heard that in today’s ever-changing landscape, we need to transform the way we do business to better serve our customers. But what does that really mean, and how do we go about it? Introducing the Experience Transformation, a system and approach that guides us through three key phases, all of which are informed by data and facilitated by cross-functional collaboration. Experience Transformation is a discipline that can move us beyond addressing pain points within our existing experiences to creating wholly new experiences that better meet the quickly changing needs of our customers and drive our business forward.

Speaker: Paul Long

Vice President - Enterprise Customer Experience, UnitedHealth Group
Paul Long leads Enterprise Customer Experience for a Fortune Five Enterprise, with responsibility for shaping the customer experience in the midst of an ever-changing health care marketplace. He’s known for driving broad-sweeping enterprise agendas through cohesive teams that drive quality and growth. He and his team are reshaping the way the enterprise thinks about and engages its customers to eliminate burdens, improve health outcomes, and fuel innovation, ultimately driving business performance and brand reputation. He joined UnitedHealthcare in 2012 from re:member group, a consumer technology firm specializing in customer loyalty programs, where he served as co-founder and president.