Employee Voice: The Untapped Source of Deep Insights About Your Customers

A great experience for customers is ultimately delivered by your people. Mature and forward thinking organizations put employee voice front and centre of their CX programs - both by listening, and acting on, employee feedback on the customer experience, but also ensuring employees are equipped and motivated to give of their best. This presentation will highlight how to build EX into your CX programs and highlight some practical ways this can be implemented to improve CX KPIs.

Speaker: Ellie Shaw

Research Director, Ipsos

Ellie has over 20 years of agency experience working on strategy, corporate communications, and employee research. She now specializes in employer branding, organizational culture research, and listening to employee voices on a range of TOPICS including CX. She has recently been Secondment at a major FTSE-100 company as head of engagement, developing and implementing a major initiative to activate and embed an employee listening program across the organization.