Do Something! The importance of process in your CX efforts

If all you're doing with your CX program is collecting VoC and Customer Insights data, you're missing the bigger picture. The "So What?" of a healthy and impactful Customer Experience enterprise has everything to do with what you do with those insights. Without action, CX is a lot like the weather: Sure everybody discusses it, but nobody does anything about it. On this panel, we'll explore the importance of and cite examples of how you can drive impact and improvement by way of your Customer Experience function so it becomes so much more than just 'The Department of NPS'

Speaker: Nicholas Zeisler

Professor of Practice- CXM@MSU

I am a former Fortune 60 Customer Experience executive, Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and Agile Scrum Master. I've worked in and with companies large and small; public sector and private; from oil and gas to technology and from insurance to civic organizations. I'm currently working with clients getting their CX programs up-and-running including working as an advisor and Fractional Chief Customer Officer. As a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force Reserves, I'm also a professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the Air Force Academy where I teach statistics and calculus. Previously I have worked as an Operations Research analyst for the Chief of Staff of the Air Force at the Pentagon in DC and as a Russian linguist.