29th October |  10 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST | Virtual Conference

 Fall 2020 CXM                            Best Practices  Symposium 

featuring award winning best practices in customer experience management

Keynote Speakers

Lou Carbone                                                     Founder and CEO - Experience Engineering

Considered by many to be the founding father of CX, Lou's insights in the customer and how they evaluate experiences revolutionized how we think and feel about customer experiences today.                                                                   

Laura Lawson                                         Chief People Officer - United Shore

Drawing on her television production and marketing background, Laura has helped to create one of the most innovative workplaces in the USA, resulting in satisfied and engaged employees who deliver exceptional experiences to United Shore customers every day.

Practical Applications

From marketing managers to CXOs, the Symposium features case studies and practical takeaways that participants can apply in their operations today.

Award Winning Best Practices

This Symposium features many of the winners of the 2020 CX of M - Michigan's Association of Customer Experience Professionals CXM Best Practices Awards. The award winners represent the categories of Understanding the Customer, Experience Design, Employee Engagement, and Customer Feedback and Continuous Improvement. 


Delivered online for the first time, the Symposium will truly be a global event, with networking opportunities spanning the CX, UX, consumer insights and customer success communities.

About the CXM Best Practices Symposium

Fall 2020 CXM 

Best Practices Symposium

29th October | 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST